Sunday, 3 April 2016

[Story] My Sex Adventure in“Alagboja Village” Doing My Waec GCE Part 5


Adeyemi: Emgrin i wl advice you to carry the ”Ayegbami sacrifies” Me: Bro i have math on friday Adeyemi: you can bribe the school invegilators to write it for you Me: ok send me the sacrifies items via text Adeyemi: ok…. He cut the call after 20min this what he text me …. Black pot, 6snack heads, Bitter leaf, dead camelion,dead scorpion,Akara, 12bat heads .. After reading this i was a little relife the next morning on thursday i went to my exam centre to write agric i did nt concentrate, my mind was on my living dead Dick after the paper i saw bose with some of her stupid freind looking at me and laufing i guess she would have tell them abt my living dead dick i went to see a school invegilator tell him i got a urgent call from home that he should help me write my math paper we agreed and i remove N4000 out of N16,000 i brought and paid. my cash remain N11,000 because have spent N1000 earlier. on my way home i saw bose and her friend coming so i quickly follow another way to avoid any embarasment i got home i went out buy mineral and buns bt i could nt eat it i was so worried i ask a guy whr their market is he said i should stop okada and ask him to take me to “oja Alabgboja” i went deir and ask a woman all the sacrifies items she packed it for me inside Leather and said my bill is N12,000 hmmm i was angry i told her just this small items N12,000 she said can i go to the forest and killed 6snakes if i dnt want to buy i should get out menh my eye turned red i beg her and she agreed to collect N10,500 the remaining change with me was just N500 i treked home angry,sad i called my dad and told him they rob me and am very broke he said i should borrow money and come home on sunday to collect some money. i reach my room entered and locked the door sarah came knock knock i did nt answer because am dickless… It friday morning i called Adeyemi Me: bro awfar morning Adeyemi: emgrin okobo good morning Me: how am i going to fix the sacrifies… He explain i fix it , then i take it to the market around 9am i round the market times without number, this is a experience i wl never forget in my life it 12pm i broke the pot and something i dont understand went out of my body i went home tired, i call Adeyemi he said am free menh i was so happy i called Sarah and say i wl love to see her she came i kiss her smooch her boobs i remove her cloth then suck her boobs my dick grown hard i remove her panties menh i faithly insert my hard penis in sarah virgina it entered she screami was happy my tool is back i bang her and she scream like a virgin am sure am the second to sex her she cried i did not even care i fucked sarah 8rounds to be sure my dick is back. she beg me to stop that she cant breath anymore i did nt listen after ejaculating on the 8round i insert my dick in her virgina and it was so hoti pity her and stop she slept off then wake up around 8pm and run home i was happy am now a Man my penis is back then i remember have not eaten since morning i went out with my last card 500 buy suya N200 bread N100 Lacasera N100 i did nt even care it my last card, my dick is back that wat maks me happy… I went to my room then i insert my suya inside bread take first bit sip lacasera am abt to take the second bit then someone knocked my door around 11pm . .. Who is that i said. i heard olaogun sad voice “its me”… “In my mind what is this witch looking for you wan come sieze my dick again” when i open the door i was shocked i saw olaogun with a elderly man tieing white wrapper which am sure his her dad and he ask OLAOGUN NA THE BOY BE THIS? Chai end of begining of problems ....TO BE CONTINUED ....